Paul is a purpose-driven design leader with experience building meaningful products + teams.

2020 · Product Lead · Fitt Insider

Designing Fitt Insider for purpose of clarity.

What started as a side project inside another business quickly outgrew the parent brand. Could we shift the brand—and it's collection of media properties—so it could stand on it's own?

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2020 · Product Lead · Apothékary

Building a personalized farmacy of the future

Could we help customers understand more about themselves + our product, so they'd be more likely to convert? Could we streamline the funnel to help scale eCom operations?

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2017 · Head of Product Design · Territory Foods

Launching the Territory brand to accelerate growth.

Could we re-position our brand closer to our north star of personalized nutrition to reach more customers in a deeper, more valuable way?

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2015 · Product Design Lead · Territory Foods

Scaling Power Supply to new markets across the country.

Would the business model and product experience we developed in one market work in other markets across the country?

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2014 · Sr. Product Designer · Territory Foods

Designing the first step towards personalized nutrition.

If we gave folks more control over their meals, would we keep them around longer? Or would decision fatigue prove too frustrating?

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