Building a company in public

Why I love building in public, and how I make decisions about what to share. Opening the tent for others, accountability, and co-creation / community orientation lead the way.

Designing Fitt Insider for purpose of clarity

Fitt Insider provides decision-makers with insights and analysis on the business of fitness and wellness. We collaborated together to level up their readership experience across various their media properties.

Building a personalized farmacy of the future

Apothékary is a plant-based farmacy offering natural alternatives to synthetic drugs and beauty products. We collaborated together to level up their brand + funnel through deeper product personalization.

Guiding values

Things I value—what they are, how I define them, and what they look like in action. They currently are: Love, Purpose, Health, Gratitude, Creativity, Craft.

The Remote Team Playbook

I’ve worked remote my entire career, and I absolutely love it. It's the future of work. But doing it is hard. It's different. And we're just scratching the surface.

The 6-month Review: Koso

I started working on the idea for Koso at the start of 2018. I connected with (my now cofounder) Bonnie over coffee & a mini-hike to share ideas

Product development journaling

Learning quickly is essential to making great products. And making time for reflection is critical to learning.

Clear comms for mental health

Communicating clearly is one of the best biz/team skills you can develop, and especially critical in remote work. Everyone “knows” it, but few act on it. I want to touch on some of the mental health benefits that clear communications can bring to work. I think it plays a

"And", not "or"

A designer I follow (Katie Zhu) has been producing my favorite art lately. It’s a series called “AND ! OR”, a collection of female portraits exploring false dichotomies in daily life. I love these pieces because they’re a constant reminder to myself that it’s totally OK and natural

New Year product concepts

At the end of last year, I left a company I loved after 4 years of building. Leaving is never easy or simple, but it was time. I gave myself space, and when I was ready, I started looking for my “next thing.” I spent the first two months of

Launching the Territory brand to accelerate growth

Power Supply was tailored to a performance-oriented, CrossFit/Paleo loving customer. As our business grew, we learned that there was an opportunity to position our brand beyond performance-oriented folks. Background Power Supply helped fuel active folks with tasty, good-for-them food by working with local chefs to prepare and deliver meal

Scaling Power Supply to new markets across the country

Power Supply started with a hyper-focused product in a tiny niche (prepared meals + Paleo menu + Washington DC area.) We wanted to grow to fulfill our vision of easily accessible good-for-you food. To grow, we needed to learn if the model and product experience we developed in our first market would

Designing the first step towards personalized nutrition

Power Supply helped fuel active folks with tasty, good-for-them food by working with local chefs to prepare and deliver meal plans. We were the "easy button" for people who wanted to eat Paleo or Vegetarian, without the hassle of meal prepping, shopping, or cooking. The Setup Power Supply started with

New book: Crafting Your UX Portfolio

Brittany and I are launching a guide to help interaction designers put their best foot forward on their portfolios. It’s not complete, but we’ve heard it’s useful. Here’s the story: Designers shifting into software haven’t had clear guidelines to help them present their work in

Making the switch from graphic to UX/UI design

Another week, another few design meetups — it’s lovely chatting with other designers in the flesh. Today I met a graphic designer looking to make the switch to “UI/UX design.” They certainly weren’t the first, nor will they be the last; I found myself answering the same questions

Designing for the Growth Mindset

I had a little secret when I was growing up. This secret is the reason I did well in school. It explains how I succeeded in any sport I tried. It also explains how I could make friends easily. “Wow, you’re so smart! You barely studied and got an